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Considering a big home renovation project?

The vision you have for your home is the starting point for creating a living space that is uniquely customized just for you. As a fully-fledged renovation and remodeling company, it’s our privilege to share your vision and replicate it into a design plan that will assist in the creation of your home building or renovation project. You may be thinking about what you can expect from your design team during a home renovation or new home construction, especially if this is your first big home construction and renovation project. What will the procedure be like, how will it unfold, and what will you be required to do? Let’s go over them in detail.

What to Expect in the Design Phase

During the first and foremost phase, our team will meet with you, learn about the project, and understand about your requirements. We’ll look at all possible solutions to reach your goals, including ideas you bring to the table as well as possibilities you may not have considered. It’s an iterative process that ensures to find the best solution for your home. To get an understanding of how you might use the space, we’ll start with as many options and ideas as possible. We’ll then narrow down this funnel; this process often combines elements of several ideas. At the end of it all, we will present you with a consensus-based schematic plan.

What to Expect in the Pre-Construction (Pre-Con) Phase

The pre-construction phase includes developing a project strategy, designing the project, obtaining permits or entitlements, and gathering the labor and resources needed for construction. We will provide homeowners with a formal approach for determining the cost, scope, and schedule to complete the construction on time and within budget. The preconstruction phase is crucial for the success of a project. During this particular phase, our project team will get organized and aligned in their vision, as well as lay the groundwork for project communication and process. A construction project can quickly become disorganized without a solid foundation, resulting in gaps in communication, holes in the procedure, and potential schedule delays.

What to Expect in the Construction Phase

The following phase of a construction project lasts from the start of physical construction to the end of physical construction. Because of its visibility, the construction stage is the period that most people associate with construction projects. During this phase, we will work as quickly as possible, from demolition to cabinet installation to final inspection, without compromising quality or your expectations. Our goal is to have your space rebuilt as soon as possible.

What to Expect in the Post-Construction Phase

The post-construction phase is the time between the completion of physical construction and the handover of the project to the owner. Several events and processes happened during this time period. We will clean up the physical job site during this phase. All equipment will be returned, and our labor staff will be demobilized and reassigned to other construction projects. Our team will create a punch list of items that require extra attention, and those items will be addressed as well. All project documents are handed over to the owner, and our team will help the owner to understand how to operate all systems and equipment in their new surrounding.

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